Online Speech Therapy at home during Pandemic

During the critical times of COVID-19 spread, we all are affected by the pandemic. No wonder, technology helps patients to connect with the therapist. Moreover, online healthcare provision supports global calls for social distancing.

In these unprecedented times, speech therapy online emerges as a practical solution that we at SpHear Speech and Hearing Clinics adopted to stay connected with the patients.

For many, visiting the clinic for speech therapy concerns considering an infected person might have been there. To minimize the risk of infection, you can manoeuvre through SpHear Speech therapy online programs during a pandemic.

What is online speech therapy?


Online speech therapy allows individuals struggling with speech, communication, and language disorders & delays to undergo assessment and treatment over the internet. A combination of speech therapy techniques is used to improve communication & language skills. This program is extremely effective for toddlers and kids as well. For small children, this program is specially tailored for parents or caregivers in improving their skills in handling children via extremely qualified and trained therapists.

At SpHear we were providing ONLINE therapy for many families much before this PANDEMIC as well. It was our regular program for all the families staying far off from the clinic. We were very successful in running the ONLINE program in the past well & have definitely been productive during this Lockdown, for now, the majority of the families. Therefore it’s not a new thing for us however we shifted the majority of our therapy work now ONLINE considering the safety of patients and staff.The therapy is performed by a professional speech-language pathologist online through phone calls and video conferencing.

How does it work?


Information Technology (IT) platforms for a decade are used by healthcare interventions. We at SpHear Clinic perform a remote speech and hearing diagnosis & cochlear implant rehabilitation through our conferencing medium. In addition to different models of medical procedures are used for patients experiencing speech and hearing problems.

For appointments, patients can call at our reception or landline number -+91-11-46085246 & 45s, and audiologists will set up a remote appointment via phone calls, video conferencing, and other online communication tools.

If you going to a clinic for speech therapy concerns, you are no longer required to visit the clinic. Instead, you can set up a camera to conference with our Audiologist and speech therapist for professional diagnosis, treatment, and recommendations. Our Speech & Language Online Therapy covers the following:

Auditory Re (Habilitation)
Delayed Speech & Language
Voice Therapy
Misarticulation Therapy
Feeding & Swallowing Management
Fluency Therapy

Speech therapy is a treatment for various types of speech disorder that develops in childhood or speech impairments in adults.

Why do you need Online Speech Therapy?


Speech therapy assesses ‘what kind of language problem an individual has. The therapist diagnoses the sign of speech disorder and decides on the best speech treatment online. Moreover, you can request for face-to-face therapy with an added convenience of no traveling. Our speech therapy can help individuals with
Articulation disorder: inability to properly form certain word sounds.
Fluency disorder: speech that is blocked, interrupted, or may repeat parts of words.
Resonance disorder: speech affected due to change in the way air flows through the mouth.
Receptive disorder occurs when a person has trouble with processing language.
Cognitive disorder: difficulty communicating due to certain neurological disorders.
Aphasia: Inability to speak and communicate with others due to stroke or brain disorder.
Dysarthria: slow and slurred speech due to weak muscles.
Delayed speech & language: when speech & language milestones are delayed in any child.

Speech Therapy at SpHear Clinic: What to Expect?


Online speech therapy services are helpful for children as well as adults who have misarticulation, stuttering, stammering, delayed speech & language, voice disorders, dysarthria etc. Your health is our priority and we provide a 100% result for you.
During the online therapy for speech, your child will work with our therapist. The amount of time required for therapy depends on individual needs and patients development progress. Some speech therapy in children improves with age, while others continue into adulthood. In this, the child requires life-long therapies.

The therapist will give a few speech therapies at home to reinforce skills to improve learning. Patients who make the most progress are ones who tend to keep involved in the treatment.

For queries related to appointment, cost of online speech therapy etc you can request for an appointment at .

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