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Tympanometry is a test to appraise the middle ear functioning and is used to assess health and working of the outer and middle ear, entailing the external auditory canal.It is a test of middle ear functioning. Tympanometry discerns at the flexibility of eardrum to switching air pressures, signalizing how efficaciously sound is effused into the middle ear. This test can be executed either in a hearing healthcare professional’s office or a doctor’s clinic.

Firstly, the clinician will do an optical(otoscopic) examination of your ear canal and eardrum using an illuminated scope (otoscope) placed in the ear. Then, an inquest with a conciliatory rubber tip will be enunciated in your ear. The inquest will stimulate the air pressure in your ear canal to alter as you listen some low-pitched tones. The sensing can be similar to the pressure modifications felt during starting and landing when you’re on a plane. While the pressure is acclimating, the dimensions of your eardrum’s operation will be taken and recorded.

Tympanometry is a test that weigh outs the operation of the middle ear. It works by diverging the pressure within the ear canal and assessing the stirring of the eardrum (tympanic membrane).Tympanometry is a non- pragmatist test of middle ear functioning, which implies it requires no willingly reactance on the part of the client being tested.

It renders nifty quantitative acquaintance about the existence of fluid in the middle ear, maneuverability of the middle ear system, and ear canal loudness. Its use has been petitioned in alignment with more qualitative knowingness of your ear canal functioning (e.g., history, visual aspect, and maneuverability of the tympanic membrane). Tympanometry can also provide operable know-how about the lucidity of tympanostomy tubes.

Tympanometry, the older and more enormously used technology, has been a successfully employed test for evaluating middle ear pathologies since the 1970 is conveniently available at SpHear Clinic. Tympanometry is an objective diagnosis, which is a prompt and simpleton procedure. Our audiologist at SpHear Clinic while performing this test will sneak in a probe into your ear canal, which discerns the level of pressure existent, as well as the conformity of the ear drum.

The upshots of the testing are recorded on a graph called a tympanogram at SpHear Clinic, gearing up our audiologists to examine and refer you for advance screening if required. It is a type of hearing test used to ascertain the provocation of conductive deafness. The audiologists at SpHear Clinic are well-equipped to specify how well the operational part of the ear (from the external canal to middle ear canal) is functioning.

Tympanometry test at SpHear Clinic is operated to discover problems kindred with the tympanic membrane and middle ear that can extend to hearing loss, especially in children. Our audiologists meticulously detect the problems in your middle ear by ascertaining how well the stirring parts of the middle ear are working. At SpHear Clinic Tympanometry test also allows our audiologists to perceive the functioning of the Eustachian Tube, the upper auditory pathways and the reflex contraction from the middle ear muscles.

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