Hybrid Cochlear Implants

Hybrid Cochlear Implants

Hybrid Cochlear Implant

When you’ve a problem of hearing loss, there can be times when you’re unable to hear few sounds. High-frequency sounds are differentiated as words and detect emotions. Without these, words can be merged to make a jumble word, making it difficult to hear.

If you are able to hear low-frequency sounds but missing sounds with high-frequency, the hybrid implants may be the solution for you.

The SpHear hybrid implants ( SpHear does not manufacture any implant,just remove Sphear from this sentence) are designed for the people with high-frequency hearing loss who still are capable of hearing low frequency sounds.

Hybrid implant is designed especially for those children and adults who has significant mid &high frequency hearing loss with useful  residual hearing in the low frequencies till 700Hz.

Hybrid implant is best suited to those who does not get benefit from hearing aids and amplification devices due to steeply sloping hearing loss.

Hybrid implant has a capability to provide both acoustic stimulus & also electrical stimulus, through same sound processor hence the name hybrid .

Restore Your Hearing Potential

Restore Your Hearing Potential

The hybrid implant enables you to hear high-frequency sounds by using the residue of low-frequency for a great experience.It uses an electro and acoustic stimulation to enhance a person hearing ability.

The electro stimulation is used in normal cochlear implants whereas the acoustic stimulation is used in hearing aids.

Combining both of these technologies allows the patient to have a listen to the high-frequency sounds while hearing aids amplifies low-frequency sounds.

The hybrid implants amplify the natural low-frequency sounds you may have after your cochlear implant surgery. It helps in combining the benefit of natural hearing with your cochlear implant to achieve better hearing performance. Together these technologies help you regain to hear both low and high frequency sounds.

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