Pure Tone Audiometry

Pure Tone Audiometry

Hearing loss can be congenital -by birth or can be acquired. If acquired, it can be progressive with age or can also erupt with a sudden affect. It can also happen when hearing loss is dubious-unsure; pure-tone audiometry may be effective test to evaluate hearing deficits by spot- examining certain frequencies, or to appraise shortfalls more completely.

Pure Tone Audiometry is a type of hearing test that gauges hearing sensitivity and determines the feeble tones you can hear at various frequencies. It is a test done to detect the qualitative and quantitative analysis of your hearing to find out if a hearing loss is present or not. There can be various types of audiometry test depending on age & cognitive abilities.

At sphearclinic.com clinic the Pure Tone Audiometry, is done as a basic review test for your hearing to identify your auditory threshold levels. We have the best instruments in any private clinic in entire north India used for the scaling of auditory threshold known as the audiometer. An audiometer is an instrument or machine that plays sounds via headphones employed for the gauge of acuity of your hearing and threshold of your audibility.

This is done to trace the roll call and level of your hearing loss, performed with the use of an audiometer. We at sphearclinic.com clinic perform this test to effectually assess and gauge the type and degree of your hearing keeping in view your hearing sensitivity, hearing severity and balance of your hearing loss pertaining to your speech.


During the test at sphearclinic.com clinic you are required to wear a headphone or insert ear phones for babies/toddlers through whom pure tones at different frequencies are being noticed. After then you are asked to counteract each time you hear a sound. Pure-tone thresholds signify the softest sound audible to you at least 50% of the time. The intensity of the tones is bit by bit decreased until the hearing threshold; point at which tones are barely audible is traced. The upshot of the test is verbalized in decibel (dB) and embarked into an audiogram form.

Furthermore during Pure Tone Audiometry examination, you will be making seated in a soundproof room, with headphones or earphones, and a bone conduction headband devices. An audiometer, equipment that brings out the sounds at different volumes and frequencies is connected to the headphone or transducer. You are tamed to counter stand when you hear a sound by pressing a button.

Our audiologist will make note of the frequency you were able to hear. This test will complete between 20 to 25 minutes in adults & few days or weeks in babies. Our motive of conducting Pure Tone Audiometry is to access whether your hearing acuity is normal or impaired. Based on the upshots of the test, our audiologist will discourse hearing aid solutions with you. These tests along with other audiometric tests will emblem our Audiologist to ascertain the suitable hearing aids for you, or if you require a medical referral.

We at sphearclinic.com imprints the Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA) as one of the advanced diagnostic tests used to evaluate the degree and extent of hearing loss by penetrating the hearing threshold spells at various frequencies. Our clinical hearing care provider is well-versed to tell you what stage of hearing loss you are wretched with and whether it impacts one or both of your ears. The frequency range of this test is between 125 Hz to 8000 Hz.

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