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Clinic where we understand that addressing a patient's unique listening needs is the key to helping him/her.

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We offer best treatment and diagnose services to address your unique listening needs.

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Cochlear Implant system, Hearing Aids, BAHA,Middle Ear Implant, Auditory Brainstem Implant(ABI)

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Welcome to SpHear Speech & Hearing Clinic

Here you can get the best speech & hearing solutions for voice disorders & communication disorders and find happiness!

A clinic where we understand that addressing a patient’s unique listening needs is the key to helping him/her. SpHear Clinic offers personalized hearing, speech and communication services, in addition to the latest hearing device technology.

We are dedicated to helping all people, regardless of their age, to improve communication and vocational independence for life.

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SpHear Speech & Hearing Clinics where we understand that addressing a patient’s unique listening needs

Audiology Services


Identification and intervention of hearing loss are available to monitor your child’s hearing.We are committed ...
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Speech - language therapy


The program is designed to provide consultation, support, and treatment to kids & adults who ...
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Adult Hearing Loss


SpHear clinic offers a range of testing and diagnostic service to evaluate cognitive skills, neurodevelopmental ...
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Hearing Devices, Diagnostics & Audiological Services

Complete Voice Disorders, and Speech & Language Therapy 

Cochlear Implant By SpHear Clinic Delhi

These days many people suffer from mild-to-moderate hearing loss problem and hearing aids ...
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Auditory Brainstem Implant By SpHear Clinic Delhi

An Auditory Brainstem Implant (ABI) is a modified cochlear implant intended to ...
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Middle Ear Implant By SpHear Clinic

The Middle Ear Implant is a newer technology approved by the FDA in 2002. After this ...
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Bone Anchored Hearing Aid By SpHear Clinic

The Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA)is a surgically implanted system which worksthrough...
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Hearing Aid By SpHear Clinic Delhi

Many people like to go for completely in the canal (CIC) hearing aids as they are ...
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Our Team - Speech Hearing & language Therapist


Ms. Neevita Narayan

Director & Audiological Consultant
Priyanka Sharma Team SpHear - Speech & Hearing Specialists Clinic

Priyanka Sharma

Sr. Speech & Language Therapist

Kamlesh Team SpHear - Speech & Hearing Specialists Clinic


Sr. Speech & Language Therapist
Anushree Team SpHear Speech & Hearing Specialist Clinic


Sr. Speech & Language Therapist

Speech & Hearing F.A.Q

Client Testimonials

I am totally satisfied with the doctor and staff. My all issues and queries related to cochlear implant are solved now. I am heartily thankful to the doctor.
Arrnav Agarwal
Very nice doctor. I recommend her. She was very nice to me and heard my problem very well. Definitely recommended for others.
Ankur Malhotra
She is very good and understanding. She deals greatly with my 2 yes 9 months old daughter. I am completely satisfied.
Manha Zia
Experience was very good with the Dr. Amit kishore and we r very happy with the progress of kashika.
Kashika Gandhi
The experience has largely been OK. We were well received and treated most of the time. We got the information we needed. Staff sent us appointment confirmations and reminders. We hope the after sale services will be just as good e.g. can call for support or if we have additional questions. Thank you.
Dennis Obwoge Nyamao
Sphear clinic is a good clinic for speech therapy. Here I have completed two months course speech therapy of my child. I have some recommendations. Class time should be increased. Class cost should be reduced. Device cost, device accessories cost should be reduced by contracting with the company. I also seek help in future. Overall it is a good clinic.
Master Muhtadi Hossain
It is good clinic and good service also. Doctors treated well. The prescription was good. Quite a good panel of doctors.
Eeshma Goyal
it is very good clinic. And give service on the time. Doctor treated very good. And solved all of questions our. Give report on the
Annu kumari
The doctor is nice and cooperative.. My daughter stays happy with her. She guides the parents and prepares them for dealing with diya
Diya Batra
I liked the ambience of the clinic a lot. The staff is very polite and have good experience. I look forward to a long relationship with your clinic.
David Sujay John

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