Cochlear Implant

Cochlear Implantation

These days many people suffer from mild-to-moderate hearing loss problem and hearing aids have become a practical solution for improving the problem of hearing. Cochlear implant system is designed for people who are not able to benefit from hearing aids. It is an electronic device which stimulates the auditory nerve with electric signals which the brain can understand as sound.

Cochlear implants are considered the only machinery available to functionally re-establish one of the five senses. In contrast to hearing aids, which intensify sound, these electronic devices bypass the damaged part of the inner so that person can hear it best. People who have cochlear implant are heard clearly in the noisy environment, enjoy music and reconnect with friends and family.

(Pre and Post-Operative Assessments/ Mapping/ Habilitation)

The cochlear implant is an electronic device that can be considered for people with the pre-and-postprofound sensorineural hearing loss in both ears. The implant bypasses the diseased or non-functioning inner ear hair cells by converting the sounds we hear to electronic impulses that directly stimulate the inner ear nerve endings.

The cochlear implant system consists of: an external part made up of a microphone, a sound processor and transmitting coil an internal part – cochlear implant that must be surgically implanted made up of an internal coil, a receiver-stimulator, and multiple electrode arrays.

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