Behavioural Observation Audiometry

Behavioural Observation Audiometry

Hearing loss is a medical ailment that elevates a lot of weight with lot of misinformation sometimes. Having a hearing loss doesn’t mean your child is incapacious to hear profoundly, or that sounds just aren’t noisily enough. Hearing is tested by observing for revulsion in your child’s behaviour in counterstand to sound. A sound is handy through speakers and a reactance like a blink or a smile alludes that the sound was heard.  Behavioral tests are based on watching a change in your infant’s behavior in repercussion to sound.

Behavioral observation audiometry is a test of hearing loss waged for your new born babies and infants where their counteraction to sound is gauged during breastfeeding or bottle feeding. This test entails rendering sounds to your babies and heeding their counterstand in order to test hearing.This test is often fixed for infants less than six months of age or who are progressively not able to turn their head towards a sound. It not only helps to sink in the presence of hearing loss, but also perceives which hearing aid is recommended for your baby. This test examines the behavioural shift in reactive to different sounds in your babies. Your child’s counteraction to each sound is kept on record and your baby’s hearing potency is analysed.

Behavioural tests are based on reckling a change in behaviour in counteraction to a sound. The behavioral observation audiometry test is featured in order to evaluate the reactance of auditory child when opting a hearing aid or to appraise the boons of the hearing aid for your new born. As the name signifies it is based on the perusal of behavioral and involuntary mirror of your child. This is a pattern for testing hearing in infants before they can manifest the systematic reactive to sounds. The aim of this test is to scrutinize the accuracy of unconditioned behavioral observation audiometry in anticipating the hearing acuity in babies and check the esteem of test upshots at various frequencies.

Behavior observation audiometry is an audiometric test for hearing level estimation in BABIES as young as 6-9 months.In this test the baby is seated with caregiver in a sound proof room and an audiologist is presenting various calibrated or measured sounds through speakers .The babies response to sounds presented is then OBSERVED and noted and measured.An estimation of babies hearing loss is made through this audiometric test.

BOA is a time consuming test as it is difficult to get a reliable & repeatable response from babies as young as 6 months for the same test stimulus.

BOA can take sometimes days & weeks to establish reliable hearings thresholds across various frequencies.

BOA cannot be ear specific test as we are presenting sound in a free field setup, hence always a better ear will response & in case of asymmetric hearing loss, we cannot establish each ear hearing levels.

Parents needs to understand that this test may need immense patience to establish reliable response from their babies & this may require several repeats

BOA is generally used to augment or add value to other objective tests. Therefore, this test should not be treated or interpreted as a standalone test to confirm diagnosis of hearing loss & also to fit amplification device.

SpHear Clinic is the prominent and renowned hearing care centre which is well-equipped with the most innovative and sophisticated audiological solutions for all kinds of hearing loss for your infants. Our audiologists are well-versed in operating the behavioural hearing tests by observing your child’s behavioural alteration in response to different sounds. These counterstands may entail head twists, eye locomotion, raising a hand, or doing any activity, relying upon the age of the child.

Behavioural observation audiometry at SpHear Clinic is designed for the infants younger than seven months of age who cannot reactive when they hear a sound. At SpHear Clinic one or an assimilation of tests is used and customized for each new born. Our audiologist at SpHear Clinic are in the first place trained to unearth bodily repercussion to sound i.e. fag-end of activity, bodily activity, eye widening, eye opening in your child.

The behavioural observation audiometry test which is operational by our audiologists at SpHear Clinic endows the most accurate denotation of hearing potentiality in your babies.

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