VSB & Bone Bridge

VSB & Bone Bridge

Why Should You Consider Vibrant Soundbridge & Bone Bridge

Patients having bilateral ear canal Atresia or Microtia often face difficulty in hearing because of conductive hearing loss. It is really important to identify these issues in the initial stages so that rehabilitation services like Vibrant Soundbridge and Bone Bridge can be arranged to cope up with the issues.

Vibrant Soundbridge

Vibrant soundbridge is a middle ear implant system that is meant for those people are suffering from hearing loss issues but have not felt any improvement in the conventional hearing aids or unable to use the conventional aids due to some medical concerns. Sometimes, the permanent hearing loss appears after middle air surgery. In such cases, conventional hearing aid cannot be used. Even, these hearing aids cannot be used due to severe ear canal inflammation. Vibrant soundbridge is meant to be used in these conditions. It transforms the environmental signals into mechanical vibrations. The energy generated from the vibration can effectively stimulate the structure of the middle ear and you can perceive even high pitched tones with this technology.


  • Proven and advanced technology
  • A reliable alternative to the traditional hearing aids
  • Upgraded external audio processor

Bone Bridge

Bone Bridge is the first active bone conduction implant system which can be a reliable solution for individuals having long or permanent hearing loss caused by a middle air(ear) surgery, or malformation. In such cases, the sound cannot pass by the natural path through the outer and middle ear to reach the inner ear. Bone Bridge transmits the sound waves with bone conduction in the inner ear where the waves will be processed just like the natural sound.


  • Advanced technology
  • Skin-friendly implant system
  • Upgraded External audio processor

A Final Takeaway

When a person is deprived of sound, his/her whole world becomes meaningless. Often people having these issues become disappointed by the failure of conventional hearing aids. If you are one of these people, your disappointment ends here. Consult a doctor( audiologits) and embrace the smart solutions of VSB & Bone Bridge.

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