Speech Audiometry

Speech Audiometry

Speech audiometry is an audiometry test in which we test the speech understanding of an andividual in a test setup.We provide various speech stimulus through an audiometer and the tester has to recognise them and respond  based on his ability to response.

Speech audiometry is an integral test or tool for hearing loss assessment.It is moslty done along with pure tone audiometry and it adds value to the pure tone audiometry.Speech audiometry also gives us information regarding  the minimum audiometric level at which an individual can understand speech & also  discomfort and tolerance of speech stimuli.

This test provides extra information above the detection level of a hearing impaired person.This tests enables us to understand whether hearing aid or amplification device will be usefull for a particular hearing loss or not.It also helps us in fitting an amplification or hearing aid devices.

There are various sub tests under speech audiometric test–SRT–It is the smallest level at which a person can recognise 50% of closed set disyllabic words in a test set up SIS/SDS–It is a measure or test that determines that how many words /sentences an individual can recognise or identify correctly at a comfortable loudness level.

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