Repair of Hearing Aids & Optimization

Repair of Hearing Aids & Optimization

Tips on Repairing Hearing Aids & Optimization

The hearing aid is a device that can help you hear the outside world; if you are suffering from hearing impairment or hearing loss, it can help you access the sound in the world. Therefore, you should always take excellent care of it. Sometimes hearing aids might also be in need of repairmen instead of taking all the possible care. As  hearing aid is an electronic device, it asks for care & maintenance.  A professional touch can give it new life sometimes. But, repairing is the second step. The first step is optimization. Since this device is important to you and you are spending money on this, you should take proper care of it. In this article, we are going to discuss how you should take care of your hearing aid, what you should do and what you shouldn’t do.

Tips to Maintain/Optimize the Device

  • Use a soft cloth and make sure it will not leave fibers at the time of wiping
  • Remove wax residue
  • Dust the battery door and the microphone housing
  • Occasionally eliminates the earmolds from the body and clean them with a mild soap
  • Keep your device in a moisture-free container
  • Keep the hearing aids away from the pets and the children
  • Avoid any exposure to moisture
  • Keep it in a dry place
  • Keep your battery fully charged
  • What should you do if the device stops working?
  • If you ever face any troubleshooting problem, you can try these tips listed below:
  • Check both the receiver and the openings for wax residue
  • Make sure all the pieces are connected properly
  • Check whether anything is blocking the microphone or not
  • Find out if there is any crack or visible damage
  • Make sure it is on and the volume is enough for your ears to hear
  • Check whether the microphone is in a good state or obstructed by something

A Final Takeaway

We will wind up the topic with some Dos and Don’ts that will help you get used to your new hearing aid.


  • Practice operating your new device at home
  • Slowly increase the number of people you speak

Do Not:

  • Get frustrated, you will be able to adjust
  • Keep the hearing aid in a moist and environment
  • Get confused by background noise

If, you face any serious problem regarding the hearing aid, take it to your providers for repairing without any delay!

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