Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Most of us tend to believe that speech therapy is needed only to those who are hard of hearing and need medical support to learn to speak. However, a number of other population may exhibit speech and language disorders like Stuttering, Confusing alphabets( Misarticulation), Voice problems, Specific language impairement, Autism spectrum disorders, Acquired language disorders (neurogenic cause) etc. Actually, speech therapy is essential for many common language and speech disorders, which may otherwise hinder overall growth and personality development.

SpHear Clinic offers dedicated speech therapy for toddlers, children, and adults to improve their communication skills, in all environments. Speech therapy sessions are designed to meet the unique needs of patients. A range of therapy materials like toys, games, books, and flashcards are used to stimulate the development of speech and language during each treatment session.

A Speech and Language therapist at SpHear clinic will help with assessment and treatment in pediatric and adults. We provide a complete solution for specific speech, language, and communication problems. Our mission is to enable them to communicate to the best of their ability:

  • Difficult to produce or use speech
  • Difficult to understand or use language

Speech Disorders and Language Disorders

Speech is ‘how we say sounds and words’ and a language is the ‘words we use to share ideas’. Speech disorders can be categories as; Articulation disorder, fluency disorder, and voice or resonance disorder. Further, language disorders can be categorized as; Receptive disorders, expressive disorder, and cognitive-communication disorders.

Specialist in Speech Therapy
A speech language pathologist at SpHear clinic is qualified professionals, specialized in human communication, development, and disorder. They hold at least a bachelor’s degree/ license/ clinical certification in the field of speech language pathology. The experts do the assessment and treatment of speech, language, oral/swallowing/feeding skills, cognitive –communication functioning and thus work in an ICF frame work targeting body functioning impairment and activity limitation to improve the performance qualifier to achieve equal participation.

Speech and Language Disorders In Children and Adult
  • Articulation disorders: difficulty in producing a sound/ incorrect production of sound.
  • Phonological Disorder: difficulty in combining two sounds
  • Fluency disorders: disorders characterized by repetitions, abnormal stoppages, or prolonging sounds in words as well as fast rate of speech
  • Dysphagia: difficulty in swallowing.
  • Voice disorders– difficulty with pitch, loudness, and quality of voice.
  • Motor speech disorder: speech and swallowing difficulty in children and adults due to neurological problems.
  • Expressive and receptive language disorder- difficulty in understanding and expressing due to hearing loss
  • Specific language impairment– delay in speech and language development without any sensory impairment
  • Language learning disability– reading writing difficulty along with language delay
  • Congenital birth defects: speech and language disorders due to cleft lip and palte, Genetic disorders- Down’s syndrome. etc
  • Autism spectrum disorder– social- communication problem.
  • Acquired language disorder: children and adult lost acquired language skills due to any neurological cause like stroke, CVA. Brain infections etc.

Thus A speech therapist provides treatment for problems related to speech, language communication disorders due to hearing loss and other causes. Beside this some other specialized services like professional voice development, voice hygiene, business communication, and accent or dialect modification, transgender voice are also scope of practice.

When to consult a speech language pathologist?
Who needs speech and language therapy???

Issues with articulation:
  • Even after 3 years a child shows confusion during formation of words and often substitute or omit sound resulting in an unclear speech, there is a need to consult a speech language pathologist for further investigation and its management.
Fluency disorders
Can be seen in children, adolescent and adults.
  • When present in children it is NORMAL NON FLUENCY and parents needs counseling and home guidelines to deal with it.
  • Adolescent and adults having complain of getting stuck or repetition or lack of confidence in speaking or as well as fast rate of speech (reducing speech intelligibility) required a visit to a SLP
  • Male with a high pitch voice- Puberphonia
  • Female with alow pitch voice- Androphonia
  • In appropriate loudness
  • Voice quality- breathiness, hoarseness
  • Voice problems in special population- Vocal fold paralysis, laryngectomy, CLP, HI, Neurological disorders
  • Professional voice user-( singer) vocal nodule/ polyp- vocal hygiene program
Language disorders- Late talkers, delay in speech and language development, expressive language delay, language learning disability.

Please consult to your SLP

  • If your infant or toddler (18-30 months age) understands the language has age appropriate thinking skills, play skills, motor skills, etc but does not talk or say words as much as expected for a child that age.
  • Difficulty in acquiring phonic skills is a sign of risk of reading writing disorder
  • Lack in social and communication skill
  • Difficulty in combining sounds in a word
  • Acquired language disorder-due to any neurological cause children or adult who lost their acquired language skills may need to consult a SLP for further management.

SpHear is a multispecialty centre located at different cities, providing a high quality of treatment with advanced approaches of treatment for speech therapy for kids, toddlers, and adults. Thereby our intention is to improve performance qualifier by working on individuals capacity qualifier and to make them to achieve maximum potential development and to check the participation limitation.


Speech Therapy in Gurgaon

Our centre offers specialist assessment for children and adults which will lay the groundwork for setting individual goals and treatment. Perhaps these are reviewed on regular basis. SpHear speech therapist in Gurgaon is propelled by a team of professionals and experts specializing in Child Psychology, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physiotherapy, Speech.

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Speech Therapy in Delhi

We recommend you to consult with our team of a speech therapist in Delhi if you suspect your child’s speech development is not on track. Getting your kids professionally screened will help you get to the root of the problem. Our speech therapy centre Delhi.
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Speech Therapy in Noida

We have a well-equipped Audiology and Speech therapy in Noida unit. Our speech therapist in Noida and team of an audiologist are qualified to conduct a various test for diagnosis of speech and hearing problems in kids and adults.
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If you want to learn about ‘what is speech therapy’ and how SpHear clinic can help you, call us today.

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