CROS & BiCROS Fitting

CROS & BiCROS Fitting

A Clear Insight Into Cros and Bicros Fittings

When a person is able to hear with both of these ears, his brain can identify from where the sound is coming and how far away is it.  But when a person is affected by unilateral hearing loss or partial deafness, the person finds it difficult to understand where the sound is coming. Partial deafness may affect the surrounding sound that is normally related to the binaural hearing with both of the two ears.

This effect is called head shadowing effect. Head cast a shadow to the sound coming from one side from reaching to other side in case of unilateral hearing loss or hearing loss in one ear. Earlier, a person having unilateral hearing loss had to angle their head toward the sound source, so that he can make up the shadowing. In order to cope up with this compilation, CROS and BiCROS fittings were invented.

In CROS and BiCROS fittings, a microphone is used on the defected( impaired) ear that is able to send sound to the functioning air either with a wire or without any wire. It creates an experience closer to the CROS and BiCROS hearing with both of the two ears. In this context, one question may arise- when should one use CROS and BiCROS fitting?

When you have one ear having unaidable ear problem but the other ear is perfectly alright, then you need to use CROS. In other words, when you have unilateral hearing loss then CROS is recommended. On the other hand, when you have no hearing issue in one ear but a hearing loss complication in the second ear, then you must use BiCROS fitting. In other words when assymetrical hearing loss with one side no hearing and other side mild or moderate hearing loss,then BICROS is recommended. CROS and BiCROS fittings have been used and recommended for a long time in order to achieve binaural hearing.


Listed below are the benefits of CROS and BiCROS hearing aids.  These fittings:

  • Provide Better sound quality
  • Improve the understanding of speech
  • Help to understand the background noise
  • Enhance the ability to identify the source of the sound
  • Balance the entire hearing system

Modern CROS and BiCROS fittings contain some really helpful and appealing features such as automatic programming, directional microphone etc.  The user will be provided with a remote to adjust the sound volume. If you are facing CROS or BiCROS hearing complication, without any delay, consult an experienced doctor( audiologist) and ask him about CROS and BiCROS fittings.

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