Special Audiological Tests

Special Audiological Tests

Audiological tests inquest your ability to hear the loudness and pitch of auditory sensations. The upshots are charted on a graph (audiogram) to help prim the vehemence and provocations of hearing problems. An audiological specialist employs the latest innovation and auditory sense tests to ascertain the type and degree of your hearing loss.Audiological tests are used to key out and check the medical analysis of hearing loss. The procedure used reckon on the age of the individual and other factors.

Special audiological tests are accessible to test hearing with special ceremonials in babies and children. A special audiological test is a pain-free, non-encroaching audiological test that valuates your ability to listen varied sounds, pitches or frequencies. These tests help in medical analysis and treatment of all forms of hearing loss to ascertain and assess auditory functioning and meliorate your overall hearing health. These Special Audiological Tests can further be described in the following ways:

  • Special audiological tests using precise tone.
  • Special audiological tests using brink level.
  • Special audiological tests for valuating cochlear and retro-cochlear pathology.
  • Special audiological tests necessitating behavioral reactance.

There are three imperative panoramas to a full hearing test. The first is an air conductivity test which key out the softest auditory sensation you can hear and is executed using a routine set of headphones. The second substantive facet is bone conductivity testing. This test employs a headphone that resonates the skull bones to present sound straightaway to the inner ear and sets the hearing loss to either the inner or middle ear.

The final imperative constituent is speech testing which analyses your ability to penetrate words. It is significant in validating the authentication of your previous tests as well as to see if hearing aids are likely to be helpful. Speech tests also ascertain the hearing troubles beyond the ear, in the nerves of the auditory system.

At SpHear Clinic, we strive to render initial hearing assessments conducted with a strong philosophy of verifying and validating your audiological testing process in a relaxed ambience as close to home. SpHear Clinic comprehends your concerns and perceives what’s most significant for you in a better-hearing solution. During your audiological test at SpHear Clinic, our audiologist will take a comprehensive history, analyze your ear drums, test your auditory sense and confer you a full interpretation of the upshots to render diagnosis for you with special exigencies. Our skilled healthcare professionals conduct perfect audiological valuations and recommend the most befitting medication for each individual.

Our audiologist also conducts a hearing screening test coming under special audiological tests. This is an air conductivity test used to ascertain if you have normal hearing (a pass upshot) or hearing loss (a fail upshot). In the case of a fail upshot you will be referred on for complete audiological diagnosis evaluation. The audiologists at SpHear Clinic endeavors to assist individuals figure out optimal hearing and refined functional discourse so that children and adults with hearing loss can attain their replete potential, whether at home, at school, or at the workplace.

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