Speech Therapy Patna

Speech Therapy Patna

A+ Speech Therapy

A+ Speech Therapy is where we can provide excellent rapport with the patient & the therapist.

No speech therapy outcomes can be achieved till the time we have a thick rapport between the two.

This is apart from the fact that speech therapist is competent in his/her work & the patient is compliant.
To get A+ therapy we need A+ rapport !!!!!!!!!!!!

a+speech therapy

A+ Speech Therapy Services

a+speech therapy services

A+ Speech Therapy Services Must Have Following Requirements

  • A competent Speech Therapists
  • A compliant patient
  • Excellent Rapport between the two
  • Great therapy tools
  • Willingness to learn
  • Nice therapy environment
  • Good outcomes
  • When all these ingredients are there, one can definitely expect A+ Speech Therapy Services

Speech Therapy Activities

Speech Therapy Activities can be variable depending on the type of speech therapy is required & the kind of problems a therapist is dealing with.

It also depends on the patients even if the type of speech therapy is same & kind of problem is similar.

It is generally tailor-made for every individual. There’s no tailor-made activity that can describe any speech therapy session for speech and language disorders.

The best session is what is made & designed especially for a patient for a session. It may not be effective next time or even in the second session as the person moods/mind keeps changing.

Therefore, for every session, a tailor-made therapy module is charted & is created for an individual for best outcomes

speech therapy activities

Speech Therapy Benefits

best speech therapy benefits

There are great benefits from speech therapy and speech language pathology for certain speech disorders like –, delayed speech, misarticulation, stammering, and voice disorders of functional origin.

There can be variable benefits or limited benefits from speech therapy for disorders of neurological origin.

Overall, there’s always a benefit from speech therapy as there are no side effects. No drugs are administered in this treatment. It is purely external treatment & based on a person’s psychology so if the person /family is motivated & committed enough, then is likely to derive huge benefits from speech therapy.

Many times, a person or family does not have patience enough to go through the entire treatment & drops it in between as it is time-consuming & long drawn treatment, in that case, the benefits can be limited.

Therapists mostly show the path, the person has to trek himself/herself on it. However, correct guidance with the best speech therapists
is very important to get the desired outcomes & benefit

Speech Therapy Classes

The Speech therapy classes vary from case to case depending on the kind of disorder & origin of disorder & also the age of the patient.

Generally, a speech therapy class for a child lasts from 30 min to an hour. A child may not have an attention span of more than that.

The speech therapy class should be a one-one session with parents fully involved. Parents should be in control of the treatment in case of a child & should be fully aware of what is happening in the class & try to be a part of it as much as possible.

The Speech therapy classroom should NOT be too BIG as a child can be distracted with as many limited things in the room to reduce distraction.

For children, the class can be colorful to attract the child.

speech therapy classes

Speech Therapy Duration

speech therapy duration

It can vary anything from 3 months to 3 years, totally depending on the type of treatment the person required.

A motivated person/family can, however, expedite the duration of the given time frame. It varies from type of treatment, type of person/family involved, nature of disorder,

The duration of speech therapy class can be between 30 min to one hour. It depends on the attention span of the patient.

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