VSB & Bone Bridge Fitting

Middle Ear Implants can be considered by patients in cases where hearings aids are not benefitting and cannot be fitted properly. Patient’s need not be fitted with Cochlear Implants as they are having some good residual hearing but are not helped by HA.

The selection criteria for middle EAR is extremely narrow, but if we select patients carefully & are implanted precisely , they truly receive HUGE benefits.

What is VSB?

The Vibrant Sound bridge (VSB) is an active middle ear implant system designed by MED-EL. It is used to treat mild to severe sensorineural hearing loss, conductive hearing loss, and mixed hearing loss. The VSB works by directly stimulating the structures of the middle ear, which enhances sound quality and clarity.

The VSB Fitting Process

The Vibrant Sound bridge (VSB) fitting process is an intricate and precise surgical procedure that offers a life-changing solution for individuals with certain types of hearing loss. The VSB system, developed by MED-EL, uses a unique Floating Mass Transducer (FMT) to deliver improved sound quality and clarity by directly activating  the structures of the middle ear.

The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia, ensuring that the patient experiences no discomfort during the surgery. Despite the complexity of the operation, it is relatively quick, typically taking about an hour from start to finish.

 After surgically placing the FMT and internal device patient returns back to the audiology clinics for the device activation. In which the external sound processor are fitted with the help of software and correct sounds are programmed to activate the sound processor. At the time of switch ON only the patients starts hearing very well & clear. He or she may requires few more programming sessions to fine tune and make the hearing through the device more sharp and clear.

The whole process helps patients hear very clear & loud & also some high frequencies sounds that they have not heard for many years.

The VSB fitting process, although it requires surgical intervention, opens up a world of sound for those who have struggled with hearing loss, offering them an opportunity to experience sound in a more natural way.

Exploring the Bone Bridge System

What is the Bone Bridge System?

The Bone Bridge system is a bone conduction implant developed by MED-EL. It’s designed to treat conductive hearing loss, mixed hearing loss, and single-sided deafness. The Bone Bridge system uses bone conduction to deliver sound signals directly to the inner ear, bypassing the outer and middle ear.

Patients are considered for Bone Bridge devices whenever there’s chronic disease that cannot be treated by medication or middle ear surgery as BB gives direct stimulation to the  inner ear & bypasses the middle ear transmission.

The Bone Bridge Fitting Process

The fitting of the Bone Bridge system involves a surgical procedure where the Bone Conduction Implant (BCI) is placed under the skin on the skull bone. The audio processor, worn externally, transmits sound vibrations to the BCI, which then sends these vibrations to the inner ear through the skull bone. The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia. and usually takes about an hour.

Postoperative Care and Activation

After the surgery, there’s a healing period of about a month before the audio processors can be activated. During the activation appointment, the audiologist will adjust the settings of the audio processor to suit the patient’s hearing needs. Regular follow-up appointments are necessary to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments.

The Vibrant Sound bridge and Bone Bridge systems are innovative solutions that have revolutionized the treatment of various types of hearing loss. They offer a chance for individuals with hearing impairments to experience sound in a more natural and enhanced way. If you or a loved one are considering these options, consult with a healthcare professional to determine the best course of action. Remember, every individual’s hearing loss is unique, and what works best will depend on the specific condition and needs.

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