Thank you very much SpHear for giving a new life to my child. Cochlear Implantation has brought a new ray of hope for my child to lead a normal life. I am really thankful to Dr. Ameet Kishore and Ms. Neevita Narayan for guiding me to take the decision of getting my child operated at such a young age. Now I know my child will do wonders as he is in the best hands. Thank you everyone who has made this possible.VEDANT and Mom – Youngest (Implanted at the age of 10 months) cochlear implant recipient using Cochlear Ltd device.
This is to thank SpHear Speech & Hearing Clinic for their support to help me hear back again. I have really benefitted from their audio therapy. With their help and support I have gained confidence in hearing with cochlear implant. I appreciate the way clinic focuses on each individual responses and the way they solve their problem. Thanking them for all their support and patience”. With Best Regards - Ravi Anand. – Adult (Implanted at the age of 40 years) cochlear implant recipient using Advanced Bionics device.
During the course of my rehabilitation therapy, I had been particularly impressed with SpHear’s personalized approach and dedication towards the patients besides handling my requirements in a professional manner. I have no doubt that under Ms. Neevita’s leadership the clinic will scale new heights in rendering humanitarian services to all concerned. Mr. H K DHAM – Oldest (Implanted at the age of 75 years) cochlear implant recipient using Medel device.
I Am Listening
I think I am trying to give in, Trying to help, Trying to listen sounds from the nature of joy and happiness.

I hear the birds chirping every morning. I hear the sounds we learn to listen.

Every day in excitement I am listening to learn. Yes I wait for the day to seek joy to learn, learn and listen. ANANYA NAKRA (Cochlear Implant Recipient)